The Five Fingers of Success

Unlike many successful individuals, who jealously guard the secrets of their success, David Chow, self-made millionaire, is very open about his formula and would like nothing better than to see others profit from his experience. David urges everyone to grasp at life with all five fingers… Each finger represents for him one of five essentials. The first finger, he says, “is health and well being… keep strong in body and mind. The second finger is education, continuous education in all of life’s experiences. The third finger is pride in what you do. This is not measured in terms of dollar success, but by worthy accomplishments. Whatever it is you’re doing, always strive to do the best you can… The fourth finger is security, emotional, as well as financial. And the fifth finger is social standards… Not snobbery, but mutual respect among friends, and love and affection at home. “David adds: “You can only learn from people with greater experience than yourself. This is why I make a point to be very careful about whom I associate with. Only a winner can teach you how to be a winner. Only a strong person can teach you how to be strong. I’d much rather be a learner in the winner’s circle than a ruler in the loser’s circle. ”

David Chow