2016 David Chow récipiendaires du Prix humanitaire

2016 Recipient Isaias Gamboa

Isaias Gamboa

Isaias was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. He was born of Jewish lineage but in America, was raised in both Baptist and Catholic traditions. He self-describes himself as a faithful, devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Isaias was raised by devoutly Christian parents off different races, who believed that love, kindness and compassion for the poor and needy were the only true measures of divine faith and discipleship. Isaias has travelled to nine Latin American countries in expression of his own personal love and devotion to the poor, needy, abused and disenfranchised. He has donated toys and clothing along with his time and love to those less fortunate.

Isaias is also the founder of We Shall Overcome Foundation. Le We Shall Overcome Fondation est un IRS reconnu 501(C)(3) organisme sans but lucratif basé sur la foi spirituelle dédiée à, éducatif, la survie économique et sociale, l'autonomisation et le développement des populations pauvres et marginalisées à travers le monde. Cette fondation travaille actuellement au Brésil aimer, nourrir, abri, vêtir, guérir et éduquer les enfants des rues abandonnés du Brésil. En plus de fournir les besoins humains de base pour ces enfants très vulnérables.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: http://weshallovercomefoundation.org

2016 Destinataire Sarah Berthelet

Sarah Berthelet

Sarah travaille en tête-à-tête avec des besoins spéciaux des enfants. Elle a voyagé par elle-même pour les pays du tiers monde à certaines des zones les plus démunies. Non seulement elle travaille directement avec des personnes, mais fournit également la formation et de l'information pour équiper d'autres pour aider les individus aussi bien. Sarah a aidé à établir deux programmes; Bring Me espoir de stages et Swing pour la justice. Elle est un chef de file pour le Bring Me Hope Stage à Los Angeles où elle aide les étudiants chinois apprennent à aider les orphelins et les besoins spéciaux des enfants en Chine.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: https://bringmehope.org

2016 Ted bénéficiaire Végvári

Ted Végvári

Ted fonds Végvári et gère PVNet (PALOS VERDES sur le Net). Ted est passionné de fournir un environnement qui offre des possibilités disponibles nulle part ailleurs. Ted provides interns with projects that have a purpose to benefit the community while teaching the intern not only the computer skills needed for the marketplace but also the experience of interacting with others in business. Ted is unbelievably giving and sacrifices his needs for the betterment of the community and anyone that attends PVNet.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: www.pvnet.com

2016 Recipient Deven Storey

Devin Storey

Devin has represented victims of childhood sexual abuse in civil lawsuits for several years. M.. Storey frequently takes on cases pro bono (without charge) for deserving clients. He has donated his time to help victims of child abuse file police reports or obtain counseling when other legal avenues are closed. On a broader scale, M.. Storey has worked tirelessly to ensure that victims of child molestation have access to the courts. He has filed numerous amicus briefs seeking to persuade appellate courts to allow victims of child abuse more time to understand how they have been impacted and seek justice. M.. Storey has also been involved with several legislative efforts to expand civil and criminal deadlines to hold molesters accountable. In total, he has donated hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of hours seeking to ensure that victims of child abuse are able to seek healing and justice.

The type of work done by Mr. Storey was recently portrayed in the movie “Spotlight”, which shed light on the epidemic of child molestation by Catholic priests within the Archdiocese of Boston. An earlier Academy Award nominated documentary – “Deliver Us From Evil” – also highlighted the problem of child molestation by authority figures, and the role the civil justice system can play in bringing about change.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: http://www.zalkin.com/

2016 Recipient Vesa Viitaniemi

Vesa Viitaniemi, Phd

Dr. Viitaniemi is the CEO at Southwest Finland CO Bank and President of the Finnish Businessmen Mission Union.

The Finnish Businessmen Mission Union was established in 1920 and operates in Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Africa. It has had projects in Namibia, South-Africa, Ethiopia and in Tanzania.

The Honorary Consul is promoting the interests of Tanzanian citizens living in Finland, collaboration between Finnish and Tanzanian Universities, increasing business-opportunities between North and South, supporting cultural exchange between our countries and taking care of Diplomatic matters addressed to Honorary Consulate.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: http://missionmen.fi/heavenly-assignment-taivaallinen-toimeksianto/

2016 Recipient Cady Mariano

Cady Mariano

Cady is a 14 year old student who is a dance performer at the San Diego United Lions Club. There she has established the San Diego United Cubs Club in November, 2012 were she was the Charter President. This was the 1st and only Cubs Club for kids at age 8-12 in the Lions District in San Diego.

She has also established the San Diego United Leo Club in August, 2015 which she serves as the Charter President for kids at age 13 and above. Cady not only performs at the Lions Club but she also donates her own money to fundraisers for Rady Children’s Hospital, Haiti/Japan/Philippine/China typhoon and earthquakes, homeless Veterans, homeless kids school “San Diego Monarch School”, and other people in need around the world.

Cady has also donated her long hair to “Locks of Love” for cancer kids, her first donation was in August 2012 and since then she has donated her hair two times. Le travail de Cady a inspiré de nombreux jeunes à suivre son exemple et se impliquer dans les services communautaires et les efforts humanitaires pour aider les gens moins fortunés. Son exemple et le leadership aide d'autres enfants à développer de la compassion pour les personnes défavorisées et aussi pour les aider à développer sociale, compétences organisationnelles et de leadership.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: http://www.sdulions.org/about-leo-club

2016 Destinataire Daryl YeeLitt

Daryl YeeLitt

Daryl est le président du conseil d'administration du Conseil sur le vieillissement – Orange County.
Le Conseil était d'établir pour la promotion de l'indépendance, la santé et la dignité des personnes âgées, par compassion, l'éducation et le plaidoyer.

Pour en savoir plus, s'il vous plaît visitez: http://www.coasc.org/