The David Chow Humanitarian Award Nomination process ends
at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) PST on September 15th each year.

Directions for completing the Nomination & Endorsement Forms:

1. Please fill out the Nomination and Endorsement Forms with complete and accurate information about the Nominee’s humanitarian work.

2. The Nominator must complete the Nomination Form and must also provide two (2) additional Endorsement forms from two other individual Endorsers who are in a position and/or aware of the Nominee’s work and are NOT related to the Nominee.

3. Attach all three (3) completed Nomination/Endorsement forms.

4. If available, provide pertinent, third party documents and/or write-ups of the Nominee’s work (press releases, articles – newspapers magazine, etc.).

5. Provide reliable identification and contact information of the Nominee.

6. Submit a quality, current, color photograph of the Nominee and any pertinent web-links and/or web pages.

7. Keep a copy of the Nomination and Endorsement forms for your records.

8. Submit the completed forms by any of the following methods:

a. Online:
b. E-Mail:
c. Fax: (949) 852-1015
d. Mail to:

David Chow Humanitarian Award Foundation
C/o Citadel Law Building
2372 Morse Avenue, Irvine CA 92614