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Alton Harding

Alton Harding

The David Chow Humanitarian 2015 Award

Alton Harding is the founder and president of Hands for Africa. Alton’s work provides prosthetics to amputees in Africa. A lot of these amputees are victims from a civil war back in early 1990s. He’s given fervent life and hope to these individuals. Those that didn’t have limbs, now have prosthetics that enable them to find work, to provide for their families, to stand proud with dignity and truly restore self-esteem in these individuals. Some have gone on to participate in recreational sports, such as soccer and cricket. Where others are grateful by the sheer reality of being able to stand up tall and take one step after the other. He has also built water wells, provided micro loans to countless individuals and student scholarships to the youth. His work has changed and added to the quality of life to so many and he continues his work vigorously and with passion and conviction.

Alton sets a true and genuine example for us all. Everyone that meets him is touched and inspired in one way or another to do good for the world. In his own words, “It doesn’t matter how big or small you give, so as long as you give what you genuinely can, you make change and create impact in the lives that need it more than you.” His work has greatly added to the quality of life of thousands, he has truly restored hope that was once lost, in countless individuals.

Alton cares about providing the means to self-sufficiency. If he is able to give those the ability to walk or the ability to use their arms to eat or to work and earn money, to finally carry their child in their arms, he’s restored one of the most important aspects of an individual’s existence, their identity.

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