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Barbara Gray

Barbara Gray

The David Chow Humanitarian 2015 Award

Barbara Gray

After years of her own personal medical struggles, Barbara Gray discovered the healing power of Physical Therapy and wanted to share the gift with those that lack access to such care. With this passion, Barbara, along with John Gray, Dan Jones and Yousef Ghandour, founded Physical Therapy For All, a new nonprofit organization located in San Diego, California. Physical Therapy For All helps those in need through recycling existing medical devices and equipment.

Barbara’s work has thoroughly affected not only the communities of San Diego and Orange County, but also people in countries like Mexico, Nicaragua, Syria and surrounding countries. The amount of equipment that she has been able to recycle and give out to those in need is astronomical. Not only that, she has been actively contacting physical therapy clinics and other organizations in the hopes that they would ally their respective clinics/organizations with PTFORALL.

Physical Therapy for All “recycles” used medical equipment and devise by collecting them and donating to someone in the under-served population who is in need, keeping this equipment out of landfills. These devices include wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, crutches, raised toilets, and many other large and small items. By giving this equipment to those in need they help their rehabilitation and quality of life while doing something positive for the planet. Hundreds of devices have been picked up and put to use at no cost to anyone.

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