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Cady Mariano

Cady Mariano

The David Chow Humanitarian 2016 Award

Cady Mariano

Cady is a 14 year old student who is a dance performer at the San Diego United Lions Club. There she has established the San Diego United Cubs Club in November, 2012 were she was the Charter President. This was the 1st and only Cubs Club for kids at age 8-12 in the Lions District in San Diego.

She has also established the San Diego United Leo Club in August, 2015 which she serves as the Charter President for kids at age 13 and above. Cady not only performs at the Lions Club but she also donates her own money to fundraisers for Rady Children’s Hospital, Haiti/Japan/Philippine/China typhoon and earthquakes, homeless Veterans, homeless kids school “San Diego Monarch School”, and other people in need around the world.

Cady has also donated her long hair to “Locks of Love” for cancer kids, her first donation was in August 2012 and since then she has donated her hair two times. Cady’s work has inspired many young people to follow her example and get involved in the community services and humanitarian endeavors to help the less fortunate people. Her example and leadership helps other kids to develop compassion for the underprivileged people and also to help them develop social, organizational and leadership skills.

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