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Christopher O’Brien

Christopher O’Brien

The David Chow Humanitarian 2015 Award

Christopher O’Brien

Christopher O’Brien has devoted his life to service, education and improving the lives of others. He joined the staff of the University of Nottingham in 1968 and played a major role in building up the business, management and engineering schools. From 1996 – 2001 Professor O’Brien spent a significant proportion of his time in the Far East, first as Acting Vice-Chancellor of the British University, Thailand, and then as Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Nottingham for Malaysia, – the first overseas campus of any UK University, In September 2007 he transferred to the University of Nottingham, Ninbgo in Ching where he was Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Director of Nottingham University Business School. He retired from teaching in 2010.

In addition to his work as a University Professor, Christopher has served on the Board of Portland College, providing a ladder of opportunity of students with disabilities. He has devoted much of his free time to fund-raising so that the students could have a new learning center, sports facilities and even a little farm where they could learn skills and be rehabilitated. Chris also used his experience in management to set up printing and agricultural programs so that the students could learn business skills with a view to greater independence and graduation.

Christopher is never afraid to venture to remote areas, often at great personal risk and Christopher is very sociable, caring and all around a great person.

To learn more, please visit: Portland College, UK