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Dorothy Bausch

Dorothy Bausch

The David Chow Humanitarian 2019 Award

Dorothy “Dotsie” Bausch is an Olympic silver medalist, activist, speaker, and nonprofit founder. After recovering from a life-threatening eating disorder, she found her love and talent for cycling, which led to a 14-year professional career concluding with a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics. She stars in the 2018 film “The Game Changers,” is featured in the Netflix documentary “Personal Gold,” and gave a TEDx Talk. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Switch4Good.

She founded her first nonprofit, Compassion Champs, and later founded Switch4Good in January, 2018. Switch4Good is an athlete-driven nonprofit working toward a dairy-free future. The organization employs athlete stories with scientific research and outreach to help others “live better and do more” by ditching dairy. Bausch is the both the founder and Executive Director. Switch4Good is revolutionizing the way people think about nutrition for athletes and everyday active folk. The long standing, dairy industry perpetuated belief that we need cow’s milk for strength, vitality and recovery is outdated and fueled only by the folks who stand to profit off of this belief. Switch4Good is here to tell the truth and embolden folks to take control of their health by eliminating all dairy from their diet.