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Jack Lightsy

Jack Lightsy

The David Chow Humanitarian 2021 Award

Jack Lightsy was born on October 20th, 1951 to a family of professional singers and always grew up in the arts. He founded Jack Lightsy Productions, a theater troupe and company known for their humor in day to day situations and good messages. Jack profited his artistic background and connected it to another very important part of his life: the Church. He founded the “Rites of Passage” program at his church, a program that instills a love for God and good in young boys and men.
Jack being a founding member of this organization that is currently in its 23rd year of existence is currently the head of the organization and has been an influential member and elder in this ministry. In his position as the ROP ministry leader, Jack has helped shape the direction and focus of the program which through its teachings and grooming has helped to reduce the negative influence of gangs and criminal activity and filled the gap of a positive male influence to boys who are in single parent family homes where the boys only adult influence is their mother. This is how his influence affects boys individually.
Jack has a heart of gold. He is willing and eager to serve everyone he meets. He makes everyone feel welcomed. His personality is huge and he stands pretty tall as well. Even in my early days of knowing Jack, our conversations were akin to sitting and talking with a big brother. He’s very wise and takes everything in before speaking. The care that he showed for Jeremiah is part of his nature. He does something with the young men called “man talk”, in which the boys get to share the things that are on their hearts in a safe space where there is no judgment. There are times when his heart breaks for these young boys because of some of the hardships they have to endure. With God's help and a lot of wisdom Jack helps these young boys find hope in their future.
With years of experience directing and producing plays, I’ve seen him seamlessly leading and managing large and small groups of people. He interacts with adults and children alike. He has a gift for communicating with people in a way that they feel heard. After the George Floyd murder, the young men had mixed emotions and many questions. Jack and the Village of mentors organized zoom meetings to speak to the boys and their families to hear what was on their hearts and minds.