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Joanna K. Boey

Joanna K. Boey

The David Chow Humanitarian 2022 Award

Joanna was born and raised in Singapore where water is scarce and water conservation is Our Way of Life. With the current pandemic and worldwide shortage of clean drinking water, water conservation is essential. Joanna has created a product that will conserve roughly 1500gallons per individual per year. With California having around a 30million person population, this means that California would conserve approximately 45 BILLION gallons of water a year if every household was replaced with innovative Smart Faucets.
Joanna is exceptional because she cares about Earth and our species, so much so that she took the time and effort required to solve one of our biggest global issues. Growing up in Singapore, where water is scarce, she experienced first-hand what it is like to not have the precious drinking water that most take for granted, so readily available. Joanna invented this water preservation system to help save water and improve sanitation with its preset timer and temperature setting which is patent approved. She shows supreme diligence in the face of adversity while still maintaining her humanitarian heart. She has never let hardship or other's malice change her spirit, nor defeat her will to help solve the drought crisis we are facing in the world today