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Joannie Feliciano

Joannie Feliciano

The David Chow Humanitarian 2021 Award

Joannie was born to creative parents who encouraged her to draw, paint, dance, and sing. She was given a scholarship by Dean Joya for Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines & went on to sing in musicals.
She had a successful singing career, winning an Aliw Award and the Grand Prize at the Metropop Music Festival in the Philippines. She transitioned to do the production and management of international events (live and TV) for world leaders and CEO’s such as the Papal Visit in 1992, the G6 State visit 1994, the Young Presidents; Organization International and the Billion Dollar Forum in the U.S.A in 2010.
She moved to the U.S.A permanently in 2003 after an invitation to train with CNN International in Atlanta and founded in 2016 . With her background in media, television and recording production, she used digital advertising and marketing, in strategies for the promotion of the companies she has worked with. She is closely linked to the ABS-CBN Foundation International as a former Associate Director & is still currently involved as a volunteer fundraiser dedicating herself to continue on with the work that her dear friend, the late Gina Lopez started. Today she is Executive Producer of her longtime friends at Penthouse 7, a popular dance group in the late 70’s and juggles her time working with a family friend, Andrew Hoang as his COO and business partner at both Alka Products, LLC in Nevada and Health Guardian Products, Inc. in California.
Joannie Feliciano’s philanthropic efforts spans over 30 years, as a scuba diver, she highlighted the urgent plight of Philippine Marine Life, and became part of the efforts to save the prehistoric whale sharks and prevent the annihilation of sea turtles that lived around the Philippine seas as they were hunted for their enormous fins, shells and other medicinal reasons by the neighboring Chinese pirates. She used her influence on Philippine National Television to expose these causes filming underwater as well and confronting some of the perpetrators with her crew. She held the position of Deputy Director of the Philippine National Museum to preserve the ancient and rare flora and fauna around the southern part of the islands by the Palawan Sea. She was also Director of Nature Watch, a branch of the ABS-CBN Foundation International to preserve Philippine forests, campaigned for Clean Air & zero emissions to benefit the Foundation’s Anti-Child Abuse Program, winning an award at the CNN’s World Report in 2006 for the Best Environmental Feature based on the rare Philippine Tarsiers. Today she still supports the same foundation as a volunteer and Liaison.