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Loren McCoy

Loren McCoy

The David Chow Humanitarian 2020 Award

Coach Loren McCoy is training children from all walks of life and saving them from accidental drowning everyday, especially in San Bernardino County which has the highest rate of drowning in the country. At the age of 64, Coach Loren gets into the water year round to make sure that the children are learning the correct techniques and not hurting themselves. This style of teaching is much harder and rarely done anymore but Coach Loren believes that it’s necessary to physically show and effectively communicate to the children so they can survive in the water and swim well. Coach Loren’s knowledge and skills in water, and his effective ability to teach and train children from all walks of life make him an exceptional instructor. With his firm voice, determination, and willingness to train even the difficult and special children, Coach Loren is an exceptional head coach. Many families in San Bernardino are lower income and Victory Aquatics doesn’t turn students away. They find a way to get kids swimming and teach them the benefits of a team and sport.

Loren is the father to three children, Ian, Rachel and Roy Diego. In 1978, Loren graduated from the University of Kentucky which he attended on a four year athletic scholarship for swimming. After college Loren was the Head Age Group Coach for the Coronado Swim Association from 1979-1981, he was the Guatemalan National Swimming Coach where he developed eight Guatemalan swimmers for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Loren is also the 100th person to swim successfully from Catalina to the Coast of California in eighty years.