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Proscovia Namazzi

Proscovia Namazzi

The David Chow Humanitarian 2019 Award

Proscovia Namazzi, (or Precious as fondly called by her friends), born and raised in Uganda, is the Ambassador, CEO and Founder of Precious Kids Foundation (PKF). Precious Kids Foundation is a fundable 501(c)3 nonprofit oganization based in San Francisco, CA which conducts free medical mission camps in rural communities of Uganda and other African countries to decrease the high rising rate of preventable causes that have led to many premature deaths and a high increase in orphans and widows.

Precious Kids Foundation also takes care of orphans, widows, and individuals in underserved rural villages of Uganda and other African countries in hopes of educating, equipping, and empowering them to be healthier, productive, and self-sustained citizens of their countries.

As a resident of the United States for over twenty years, Precious has worked as a seasoned Neuroscience Registered Nurse for over fourteen years and a socially conscious entrepreneur for over seven years. Precious is also a mentor to women, girls, and boys in different countries.

Precious has dedicated her life to improve the lives of orphans, widows, and single mothers in underserved rural communities for the last twelve years as well as teach them through skills development to increase self sustainability.

Precious uses her nursing, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills and expertise to be a solution to decrease the alarming rates of preventable premature deaths that have caused increasing numbers of orphans and widows that is rampant not only in Uganda but across Africa, of which the organization Precious Kids Foundation serves.

In September 2018, Precious Kids Foundation took a team of eleven volunteers comprised of doctors, nurses, life coaches, socially conscious entrepreneurs, and other non-medical volunteers, and set up medical camps in three different villages in Uganda. After five days, they treated 4,767 patients, delivered 2 baby girls, performed 1,020 Dental extractions, and provided 850 eye glasses.

This year in September 2019, Precious Kids Foundation is gearing up to take more volunteers and estimates to treat about 7,000 patients in villages in Uganda.