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Sarah O’Brien

Sarah O’Brien

The David Chow Humanitarian 2020 Award

Sarah is a leader of the Rotary Club in Altadena, California. Through the Rotary Club, she organizes scholarships for local students, teachers, veterans, and young musicians. She has coached generations of young cellists for the National Children’s orchestra in the United Kingdom. She has been involved in numerous fundraising performances and album projects benefiting cancer research, children’s hospitals, and mental healthcare for veterans, youth and students with disabilities. Sarah was integral in the work that provided villagers in a remote area in Nepal with access to clean drinking water and their children with a school that was built and now served by volunteers and trained staff. She worked on a humanitarian venture that provides basic healthcare to individuals through a healthpost in the village of Mirge and a new hospital project that is close to completion in this underserved area. Through her fundraising work in Cambodia, lands have been cleared of landmines making the area safer for villagers. Sarah established the non-profit organization, Service Through Entrainment, Art and Music International Inc.

Sarah is an accomplished cellist and in the United States and Europe, she performs benefit concerts regularly and has produced albums for the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation and Portland College. She collaborates with other musicians and artists for fundraising events.