The David Chow Foundation Center

David’s multi-million dollar estate in Los Angeles, was a reflection of the man who lived there until his death. Recessed from the world outside, the first thing any visitor noticed was the state-of-the-art security system. The seriousness of the 17 telephones system, workroom, kung-fu practice area and photo studio was in direct contrast to the easygoing luxury of the jacuzzi, suntan room, sauna, and game room complete with slot and pinball machines. “All I need is a roof over my head,” said David, “but I want my friends to enjoy themselves when they come over.” A comment expected from the man who diligently began each day thinking of three things he would do to better the lives of others. And the lives that were been brightened by David are legion…

Today the David Chow Foundation Center has become a focal point and headquarters of the David Chow Humanitarian Award Foundation. It now serves the needs of the Foundation and yet still reflects David Chow’s style. Through care and judicious management, this spectacular estate will enable the Trustees to continue David’s legacy and philosophy. Consequently, the David Chow Foundation Center will be made available for a variety of uses, such as private events, motion picture and still photography location rental, short-term leases and corporate functions. Details can be viewed via the David Chow Foundation Center menu on this site.

Living Area
Master Bedroom
Overlooking Hollywood
Overlooking Hollywood
Spectacular Night View
Exterior Pool Area
Exterior Bedroom  View