The Foundation’s History

“Improve the Quality of Human Life.”

In 1996, with foresight and conviction, David Chow, master of martial arts, actor, philosopher and economist, created a charitable foundation to promote and recognize man’s humanity towards man, encouraging a higher level of respect and service among human beings around the world. He created a trust that ensured a legacy dedicated to his life’s philosophy. This important goal combined with good moral values focusing on purpose, direction, and dedication completes and enriches one’s journey in life with fulfillment, happiness, and success. Everything David Chow did incorporated this belief and goal.

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The Foundation’s Mission Statement

The David Chow Humanitarian Foundation recognizes and rewards dedicated and caring humanitarians found among charitable, religious, scientific, literary, and educational organizations worldwide that promote man’s humanity towards man whose service of unselfish giving might otherwise go unnoticed.

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The Foundation’s Process

Each year, from nominations around the world, the Humanitarian Award Foundation will select approximately 10 finalists to be honored at a gala dinner. Among them, 3 Humanitarian Award Recipients will be rewarded for their acts of compassion and unselfishness.

Worldwide, anyone may become a Nominator and submit a Nomination Form who is in a position and aware of a Nominee that has devoted his/her life to humanitarian service.

Verification of the Nominee’s devotion to his/her humanitarian service must also include three (3) Nominee Endorsement Forms.

Nominee Criteria

1. A humanitarian possessing the following qualities:

  • Caring, compassionate, generous, unselfish, and giving person.
  • Deep, personal sacrifice without regard to one’s own safety, reputation, and well-being.
  • Consistently working for the improvement for human beings with a truthful and charitable intent.
2. Characteristics exhibited of the services rendered by the humanitarian:
  • Giving – the number of people helped.
  • Devotion – the length of time.
  • Ability – the beneficial impact and quality.

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Award Ceremony

After receiving both the Nomination Form & Nominee Endorsement Forms for twelve (12) months, finalists are selected, invited, and awarded at the foundation’s ceremony, which is hosted on or about the founder’s birthday, May 24th.

“I give you my heart; I give you my strength.”