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Christopher Davidson

Christopher Davidson

The David Chow Humanitarian 2023 Award

Chris has been working to strengthen our community by working with our high school students (Mira Costa and Redondo Beach Union) and our first responders. Our community is a stronger, safer, and more family-oriented community as a result of Chris' tireless work, and the individuals in our community benefit.
Chris and his family have been a part of our community for over 50 years. He has worked tirelessly to improve our community and is always first in line to give back. From sponsoring our first responders, to raising money for the Hawaii natural disaster, Chris is always generous, giving of both himself, his restaurant, and his associates to support and improve our community. Most recently, the Manhattan Beach Police Department lost a motorcycle officer in a tragic traffic accident, leaving behind a widow and three small children. When called the day before the cavalcade, Chris stepped up, opened his restaurant, and catered the entire event free of charge. He is also working with the Police Officers Association to raise funds for first responder deaths, and the support of the loved ones left behind
Chris' efforts span decades and generations. He has influenced not only our community, but also generations of people who have learned from his example and gone forth into our world to make a real difference. Chris has worked with local organizations, state organizations, and recently world organizations to raise awareness and increase community bonding.