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John Jacob Saltzmann III

John Jacob Saltzmann III

The David Chow Humanitarian 2023 Award

John Jacob Saltzmann works for the PTSD Foundation of America as a Veteran Coordinator and assists with locating combat veterans in need of assistance. His humanitarian work benefits individuals by assisting those in need, who suffer from PTSD, Mental Illness, Homelessness, Addiction, and other disorders. He works the crisis hotline at the PTSD Foundation and will answer the call for individuals with suicidal thoughts, homicidal delusions, or severe depression. He is someone who will talk through issues with an individual that is suffering and assist them with locating resources and give them a safe place where they no longer feel alone.
Jakes work impacts the larger community by collecting and providing resources to those in need. He works every day to ensure that the community is aware the issues with PTSD, Homelessness, and Mental Illness. He stays involved with churches, jails, hospitals and engages with those suffering no matter if they are a veteran or just someone who may feel alone and in need of assistance.