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Terence Alexander King

Terence Alexander King

The David Chow Humanitarian 2023 Award

Terence Alexander King works as a Logistics Coordinator, accepting and managing the incoming physical material donations that support the needs of the Combat Veterans that come to Camp Hope for compassionate care.
Terence is one of the first individuals to interact with new residents of Camp Hope. He compassionately, and humbly brings himself to the level of those he serves. His patience, dedication, and graciousness are easily visible to the community he serves and the peers that he serves with. Mr. King's peaceful continence, and successful journey through the struggles of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder allows him to be a message of hope to those beginning this journey.
Mr. King works at the PTSD Foundation of America: Camp Hope, in Houston, Texas. As an organization that helps to mitigate the negative impacts on wartime veterans with severe PTSD, or more. Mr. King's impact is strong in the community he serves, which is a one hundred twenty-person facility, which rotates its inhabitants over half a year. As the manager of donated material, Mr. King is exceptionally positive, and this positivity proves the ability to recover, well, from the negative impacts of PTSD. Also, the joyful expectation that he exhibits over even the most minor of donations is admirable, and the positive response from the donors would make you think he brought a gift for the donors themselves. The positive, forward-facing personality that Mr. King exhibits changes the lives of all that meet him.